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A few fun facts

I love to eat. I enjoy travelling. I play video games like it's my life. I feel rejuvenated after having a good discussion. I keep punctuality above all qualities.


A look into my life

I absolutely love my work and I have been invited from various places around the globe to present my research. Although the majority of the year you will find me behind a computer screen, I seize every opportunity to travel with my dear wife Mohar or my friends.



Scientist and Educator

I obtained my PhD degree from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and I am currently employed there as a scientist. Like any academic, I juggle between performing research and teaching students. My research involves developing hardware efficient Machine Learning algorithms to be deployed in real-time systems. Presently the flagship project of our group is in collaboration with the IBM Research Centre at San Jose. As a part of this project we are trying to develop novel neuro-inspired neural network algorithms which will be applied to automatically program the IBM's revolutionary computer of the future i.e. the TrueNorth system. You can checkout my research projects here and my publication list here. On the other hand, I love to teach my students the things I work on. After getting excellent feedback from the students I teach at the university, I decided to cater to the huge online community. This thought pushed me in the path of creating and publishing courses related to Machine Learning, Big Data and Neural Networks.